About Us


is the 1st steel sieve manufacturer and distributor in Thailand. We established in 2520 with over 30 years experience. The founder is Mr.Sompong Jullpansak. We developed our company since the past to now in order to get the new technology and new innovation. We developed on both organization structure and new technology to have an expert people ready to support and give advice to our customer in order to fulfill customer’s requirement efficiently.

Our company

is a stability company. We’re expert and has reliability to offer best service and goods to our customer. Our company is well-known widely in Steel business.

Our company use only a high quality material which accepted in both domestic and international. Together with a modern machine, so, we’re the leader of using new technology in all metal tasks. We has correct and fast service and guarantee our job too.


FIRST SIAM MINING LTD.,PART. is a honest company and very punctual, so, our customer is rely on us and our service.

Company Identification
“Neatly and Standard is our job”